Top 10 Easy Boudoir Poses to try


Want 10 easy poses to try?

Or maybe you get stuck during your shoot and need an idea...

Need an easy pose idea to try for your boudoir client? 


Pose 1.

Have your client lay down on the bed at a slight angle and have her pick up her hip closest to you, bend her front leg towards the camera a little and rotate her butt away from you.


Pose 2.

Is actually the same as pose 1, except YOU move! I had her move her arms for this shot, but i walked around her to the left and now I grabbed an amazing booty shot.


Pose 3.

Simple Pose, Have your client push their booty back rotating the hip closest to you up! And use those hands!!! A classic booty shot is great, but if you add her hands into the shot it creates movement! 


Pose 4.

Same outfit as the last photo. Now, I have my client lean into the wall with her left hip. Make a triangle shape to her Hip & Head to show depth and shape! Have her turn her chest slightly into the wall and pull that outside hip up!


Pose 5.

Chair pose!! Have your client lay on her hip, use pillows if she needs to prop up a little more. And have her bring that bent front leg towards you!


Pose 6.

Sitting Pose! Sit on a chair, couch, whatever is low enough where your client can reach the floor and extend those legs! Have her sit on the butt cheek furthest from you, bend forward a bit and twist those shoulders away from the camera slightly.The back leg is kept straight while the front is bent up on the tippy toes and brought closer to her body. 


Pose 7.


Stay seated like pose 6, but you move to the other side and have her switch which leg is up higher, keep them elongated from the body. And use those hands!!! She is sitting up nice and tall, arching her head back slightly but her hands are showing movement.


Pose 8.

T-shirt pose! Have your client kneel on the ground, staggered stance. Then have her rotate her hips away from the camera. Use those hands to rip the shirt in opposite directions to create tension.


Pose 9.

lay down! have your client lean back onto something slightly with their head, and pull their booty down and extend those legs out. Keep both legs slightly bent, the one in front a little lower than the back leg.


Pose 10.

Last but not least...Classic and easy chair pose! I like to always throw in a nice outfit in my sessions, but you can do this pose in lingerie too! Turn that chair around sit into the chair with your left hip and use the chair to pull the body forward. Have her play around with her hair!