Black Book "Boston's Boudoir and Intimate Photography"

Black Book is my new baby! I have photographed weddings and engagements full time now for years. Boudoir has mainly been "boudoir days", where I rent out a hotel and shoot multiple girls in a day. As the years go on, the number of boudoir shoots has increased substantially! I do not like to rush these sessions, like I have to in a marathon day. With the new studio space available I am transitioning to one or two full boudoir shoots a day. I want every woman to enjoy the full experience the way it's meant to be enjoyed! 

I am expanding my business to separate weddings and engagements from boudoir. I have created this new website to showcase my boudoir work all on its own.

I have used clients homes, rented hotel rooms, and used the great outdoors in the past. And while I will continue to do those, I now am a member of BSP West Studio in Clinton, MA. I will be showcasing some of the great opportunities we will have to shoot in at this space within this blog! There are hair and make-up stations, dressing area, lounging area, and multiple spaces available for shoots. 

"What happens during a boudoir shoot?" The entire day is an amazing experience. First, coming in and having two professional hair and makeup artists work simultaneously to spruce you up! Then you can enjoy a fun drink and fruits while you get ready. You and I will lay out all your clothing options and go through them together to pick out some great looks! Then we will throw some music on and have an incredible shoot and make some breathtaking photos!

A lot of women contact me saying they would love to do a shoot, but they are nervous and are not sure it is right for them. And in return, I always say LETS DO IT!! It is so much fun and those nerves are perfectly normal! It is not a shoot you do everyday, but it is an amazing experience you have never done as well! Almost every woman arrives with some sort of nerves, but by the end of the shoot I have to persuade you to put your clothes back on! It's a shoot just about you. And why not celebrate you?? And you do not have to do this as a gift for someone else. Do it for you if you want. Some women have said they are doing it because they are in a good time in their life and feel like celebrating with a day about them. Some want to celebrate things like being a breast cancer survivor, loosing or gaining weight, or being perfect how they are! I want to celebrate YOU! 

Here are some images of the studio space and a couple girls, who are amazing, and allowed me to share their images! Before every session, I will send out a questionnaire. On the questionnaire it will ask for your permission for me to use your photos for print, web and promotions. I do not share anything without your permission. Some might not even have your face in them. And even with your permission, I will show you which photos I would like to use, and receive your okay before posting or printing in my books. These images are used to help other women see different bodies, poses, and things they can relate to that will help them decide to do a shoot or not.

To me, boudoir does not mean naked photos. It means beautiful images. Pin-up, Romantic, Glamour or even a mix! But hey, it's time to share some of these fun and amazing images! 

Hair- by Ana of Hair design by ANARI  &  Make-up- by Trinity of Trinity Kizer Makeup Artistry

I am on The Knot at That is dedicated to just my boudoir photography. 

I also have a Facebook page you can go to and follow my work and see future promotions and shoots.