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Lets see our worcester boudoir studio!!

The other night was my first night showcasing my high end Boudoir experience. Women came to see the studio, have some drinks, and talk!

The first woman who came in inquiring about boudoir photography was Caitlin! When she walked in the door we surprised her with an on the spot boudoir hair and makeup treatment! 

We had Trinity from Trinity Kizer Makeup Artistry and Ana from Hair Design by ANARI. These ladies work their magic before every session. They're amazing at what they do and they help pamper each lady before their shoot! 

Boudoir is very special to me. I love everything about it! I have curves, I am a mom, I have been smaller and bigger, and I have stretch marks... but I know when I get pampered and dress up I feel good and I don't think about all that. Why not make images of other women to give them that feeling and capture it to remember forever!

We were even able to sneak in a few demonstration boudoir photos, to show all the ladies interested, what a boudoir session would be like.

Thank you to all the people who took the time out of their busy schedules to come and support me! And to all the ladies who wanted to check out their future boudoir location!!

Here are some images from Tuesdays Event in Worcester, MA in our Boudoir Studio! 

Big THANK YOU to all three of these ladies! Trinity, left, for her incredible make up job. Caitlin, center, for coming in and turning into a model for the night. And Ana, right, for the impeccable hair styling yet again (oh and for being 7.5 months pregnant and still helping me out!)