Boudoir Photographer Promo Video Pre-Blog

Good Afternoon everyone! OMG I am so excited for all the new things happening with my boudoir business! We just rapped up our second day of filming for our promotional video!! And ya'll (thats my excited you all).... I can't wait to see everything come together! We with have the full high end boudoir experience available for you to check out very soon!!

Here is a sneak peak of just a couple of the stills from the shoot!!

Next big thing happening.... is I will be offering only 2 more 1 on 1, boudoir photography, classes this year! Only 2!!! I can't believe I am already almost sold out! So if you want to work alongside me to learn the entire process I go through contact me! We will go over boudoir posing, how to talk with the women, what lenses to use, and how to control the light!

Crazy Crazy! I know this is just a quick post, but I just wanted to pop in and let you know the new exciting things happening!!