Now Seeking A 2018 Brand Ambassador!

As a premiere Boudoir Studio based out of Central Massachusetts, we are now looking for woman who would like to represent our brand! We want some kick ass, down to earth, positive women who are big with social media and would love to share their photos and experience with others!

What does being a Brand Ambassador entail? 

A Brand Ambassador, is someone who will work side by side with me. You will be one of the faces representing Black Book for 2018! You will have 2-3 photoshoots free of charge with me, and you will share those images on instagram and facebook throughout the year. I will provide you with branded gear and products. And for every shoot booked with your recommendation you will receive a commision! Yes, that is actual money, not just a credit!! 

If you are interested in more information, please apply by sending an email to

Please include, your name, why you think you would be good for this position, your social media accounts (facebook & instagram), how many followers you have, how you feel about encouraging other woman to do a session for themselves, and if you are ready to be even more freaking AMAZING!!

Thank you,


(I look forward to talking with all of you!!)