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What do I wear to my Boudoir Photoshoot?

Now that you have booked your boudoir photoshoot, you have probably already started wondering what am I going to wear! I have some great tips, ideas and links below to my favorite stores to get some great pieces! 

For each of my clients, I send out a What to Wear Boudoir Guide, if you would like the full guide email me at info@photographybyamandamorgan.com. In this guide, I explain the various types of lingerie and what each piece helps accentuate on different body types. 

For now, I have listed a few of my favorite lingerie outfit ideas and links below!

Bodysuits!! One of my favorite lingerie pieces right now!

Bodysuits are amazing for multiple reasons, but my favorite is that that really are perfect for almost every woman! They elongate your upper body, they suck everything in (magic), and they are super easy to get on and off. 

Next, every woman should own this for herself, even if you are not doing a shoot... a sexy bra and underwear set!

I know that this is not an over the top idea, but you don't have to be over the top to get amazing photos! Also, if you didn't have it before, get a set now! Having at least one sexy, well fitting, bra and underwear set in your closet is sometimes all you need to feel good! (no one might know you have it on, but it feels good to have on, and in turn makes you feel good!! And sometimes will make you walk a little more confident!)   

And lastly.... A pair of Nude and Black pumps!!


Shoes!! I know sometimes you really only think about what to wear for outfits. However, having a pair of pumps really helps your posture. Also, your calfs/booty will get pumped up and especially when wearing nude pumps your legs become elongated and it will just give them an extra sexy boost!

Some of my favorite places to shop: 

If you want me to help you build your perfect outfit inspiration board or would like links to some of my favorite pieces contact me below or email me info@photographybyamandamorgan.com





Well, have fun at your shoot, and good luck shopping!!!