A little information about a session

Do you have a studio? Can you travel to me?
— Yes, my studio is in Clinton, MA. There are multiple style setups within the studio including beds, furniture and background options. There is also space outdoors if you would like to head outside to spice up your shoot! I also travel to do in home sessions, on location sessions and hotel sessions. I travel worldwide. I will announce if I will be in a certain state or country a few months ahead of time if you are timid about asking for me to come to you!
What does your editing include?
— I will edit all the coloring and lighting, and I will smooth out skin and marks where needed. I will not re-create your body in photoshop. Instead, I will pose you and shoot at angles that will flatter you and show off your best assets. I will show you, you are stunning exactly how you are!
Our Studio is located in Clinton MA, is about 850 sqft, and has many furniture and styling options!

Our Studio is located in Clinton MA, is about 850 sqft, and has many furniture and styling options!

Do I receive the digital files of my images?
— With all collections, you will receive digital images. The number of files depends on the collection you choose. You do have an a la carte options as well.
What should i wear? Do you help me with what to bring and where to shop?
— I send out a full outfit guide to each of my clients. As well as doing a pre-consultation before your session to help talk about what is best for you and your body!
I do not have someone to give these to, should I really do this?
— Of course! These sessions, are sometimes used as a gift. However, it is first and foremost for YOU! This is an amazing experience to celebrate you, all that you are, all that you have been through, and everything you are about to do. I want to help you celebrate! You will come in and pamper yourself with hair and makeup, and then we get to dress up and have fun!!
Do you have hair and makeup available?
— Yes, I provide hair and makeup right in the studio with professional hair and makeup services.

Then come to the office and do your Reveal!